Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Richard Painter – A Quick Draw

Part of growing up is learning to be very selective when engaging in combat. Hugh Hewitt, a national conservative talk show host, learned his lesson. Monday night (April 2), Hewitt, not only defended the rather limited ethics of EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, but also went on to suggest that Richard Painter, his adversary on the show, was in Minnesota because he could not cut it in Washington. Painter, who served President George W. Bush as chief counsel in charge of ethics and is currently a professor of law at the University of Minnesota, quickly shot back with “Excuse me! I am fed up with people being attacked in Minnesota, in my state! We are sick and tired of K Street Lobbyists who look down on us!”

Wow! There are very few hamlets in America who look to Washington for advice on how to govern.

And who better to voice that message than our own Richard Painter. His independent and articulate voice will be a highlight in the Senate contest to fill Al Franken’s seat. Anyone who takes Painter lightly may suffer the same fate as Hugh Hewitt.


  1. I saw that "conversation".It almost seemed like Hewitt wanted to set up Richard and get him steamed. Hewitt kept his cool, but was way out of line. He actually didn't know jack about Richard. However, strategy is a very serious component in these conversations. Just watch the old Bill Buckley show. Debate school 101. Ask a question that goes on forever, and then when your opponent or "guest" starts to answer, cut off their answer to ask another question. Even in dinner conversation with big egos, you'll get cut off for very banal reasons. They don't want you to get the spotlight. Welcome to Planet Earth. Think of George Will when he was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly. Finally George just placed his hand on his chin in quiet amazement as Bill went to town. Actually a conversation with Richard and George Will would be fascinating. I never gave GEorge any credence when I was a young guy, but now, he has this reasonable quality. He might need a few visits to NASA Goddard to bone up on our climate, but otherwise, he's standing tall these days. Just like Schwarznegger has done this past year. (I'm a democrat)

  2. If you were to run again, I'd cross party lines and vote for you.


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