Saturday, September 9, 2017

Those were the Days

Last week, Keith Ford organized a reunion of former members of the Minneapolis City Council consisting largely of those who served from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Clearly, it was a delight to renew old acquaintances and reminisce about the past.

But what was so apparent to me was that these people knew how to govern. That meant bi-partisan cooperation (yes, Republicans were quite dominant for many years back then) with a real focus on advancing the public good. And we were blessed with a Citizens League that brought together CEO’s, labor leaders, along with alderman and legislators. It was about public policy. The Star Tribune led by John Cowles, Jr. was an incredible asset in that they had top flight reporters and a superb editorial staff all with the same goal of the long-term common good. All players were committed to public disclosure in order to avoid even the suspicion of private gain.

These partnerships helped Minneapolis become a national model. I toast all of these wonderful retired leaders who were in attendance. Hopefully, their values will return to City Hall.


Ward         Alderman     
1.                  Walt Dziedzic

2.                  Tom Johnson
                     John Cairns
                     Kathy O'Brien
                     Joan Campbell

3.                  Dianne Hofstede
                     Dick Miller
4.                  John Derus

5.                  Lou DeMars

6.                  Earl Netwal

7.                 Lee Munnich
                     Parker Trostel
                     John Bergford
                     Dan Cohen

8.                  Ed Felien

9.                  Tony Scallon

10.               Keith Ford
                     Sally Howard
                     Joan Niemiec

11.               Walt Rockenstein

12.              Arne Carlson
                    Dan Quillin
                    Dennis Schulstad

13.               John Johnson
                    Bill Nieman

City Clerk/City Coordinator - Lyall Schwarzkopf
City Attorney - Walt Duffy
Council Aide - Jan del Calzo

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