Monday, February 19, 2018

Money in professional sports - a question of priorities

Below is a copy of a letter that was sent to the Star Tribune but not published. The central issue of shining the light on the enormous sums of money we pour into professional sports and the wealthy owners is vital because it drains public monies from more essential services. We truly need some leadership on the issue of priorities.

To the Editor:

Nancy Jost’s column on the high costs of daycare (Star Tribune, February 2) at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere raises valid questions and warrants full public attention. As background, I authored the state’s first daycare law and am familiar with the costs involved. However, it is more about priorities than money.

For instance, the University of Minnesota pours millions of dollars into revenue sports coaches’ salaries and other excesses but yet pleads poverty when it comes to funding $500,000 for day care. Likewise we cut school budgets while subsidizing wealthy pro sports team owners with millions each year. How about full disclosure of all these costs and truly engage the public?

Arne H. Carlson
Governor Minnesota (1991-1999)
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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