Friday, January 13, 2017

Jim Carter---A Refreshing Brand of Honesty

How well I remember the days of Gopher football with Jim Carter, a native Minnesotan, at fullback. He was a heads-on and straightforward type of rugged runner. There were no subtleties – just the old fashioned type of running usually associated with Woody Hayes of Ohio State.

Now a candidate for the Board of Regents of his beloved University of Minnesota, Carter is again being straight forward and direct even when it comes to his own past indiscretions. According to information leaked anonymously to KSTP Channel 5, Carter was publicly intoxicated and sought sex while a Green Bay Packer some 40 years ago.

It was clearly an ugly incident. Although no charges were filed, he was disciplined by the Green Bay Packers and ultimately went through chemical dependency treatment.

In his interview with a Channel 5 Reporter, Carter was open and totally honest and made no excuses. I do not believe I have ever seen a person handle such a challenge with more candor. It was a rare display of personal courage.

Now the question is whether or not he is fit to serve as a Regent. My answer is “yes” and it is a very emphatic “yes”. His level of honesty and openness is precisely what the doctor ordered.

Every time a scandal has occurred at the University, President Kaler, his management team, and the Board of Regents have resorted to blaming others and giving evasive and, all too often, untruthful responses. They ducked responsibility while Jim Carter assumed it

His integrity and forthrightness is desperately needed on the Board of Regents. He will be a superb servant of the people.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with my old boss Arne. The Current Regents have failed in their Governance Role. They need new blood that is not satisfied with the status quo. I'm afraid they do not have the courage to make the changes necessary to send the U on a better course. If they had foresight they'd enlist Arne to serve as a dollar a year President for one year, allowing him to deal with the challenges facing the U decisively. And allowing the Regentsvthe time to Chart a new course with a new president. If they aren't willing to do that they should ask Arne to head up a Blue Ribbon Group of leaders and a budget to perform a massive internal audit. Major problems require Courage.


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