Friday, October 7, 2011

Eleanor – a Pistol

On October 5, we celebrated the life of Eleanor Mondale.  As expected, her marvelously outgoing personality was portrayed with stories, insights, laughter, and music.  By all accounts, she defined life leading her brother, Bill, to observe that it was Eleanor’s world and that we were lucky to be part of it.

What a marvelous tribute.  Later at the reception at the Walker Art Center, Susan and I chatted with Walter Mondale and reminisced about her joy of life.  At the mention of “joy”, Mondale’s face was a full laugh and he declared, “She was a pistol.”

This was a father’s sentiment of love and appreciation.  Every family needs a “pistol” because their presence is priceless.  They are the welcoming sunshine and the huggers with the ability to rise above the petty and the pomp.  They bring out the best in us.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind but that Eleanor was a large part of the glue that kept this family so alive and vibrant.

And so while there was celebration, there was also a deep hurt at this loss to Walter, Joan, Bill and Ted.  Thank you for allowing all of us to share this moment with you.

You are Minnesota’s First Family because you are the finest in public service and decency.

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