Friday, October 7, 2011

Boone & Erickson – Minnesota’s Best

On October 3, Susan I went to the Old Log Theater to see Boone & Erickson recreate their beloved radio show.  But, in reality, none of us in the audience came to see a show but rather to share in a past that we truly loved and respected starting with their special take on World War II.  With music of the era provided by Reuben Ristrom and his band and the superb singing of Diane Ristrom, we remembered a better time:  A time when our nation was united and everyone pitched in.

But the evening was more.  It was a delightful trip down memory lane covering the 40 plus years of a love affair involving us and these two magnificent artists of the radio.  In all those years, they allowed us to laugh at ourselves without any edge or tonality of the nasty or off-color.  They reflected true wholesome Minnesota humor and with human insight.  They loved us and we loved them.

Thank you Charlie and Roger for embracing us and thank you Don Stoltz and the Old Log for introducing generations of Minnesotans to  the best in comedy and good taste.

You are all Minnesota treasures.


  1. Thank you for this post about Boone & Erickson. They are truly Minnesota icons! Having grown up in Minnesota, I equate Roger Erickson's voice with the sweet sound of my school being closed for the day because we had too much snow.

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