Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pragmatic Leadership Over Ideology

Walz and Flanagan – Our Best Bet

My endorsement of Tim Walz for governor certainly comes as no surprise. Ever since he was first elected to Congress, his sense of pragmatic leadership and healthy independence has been impressive.

Coming from Mankato gives him a unique insight into non-metro Minnesota and should allow for a more workable relationship with legislative Republicans. Simply put, this public feud and gridlock must end.

The Johnson – Walz campaign was a model in polite discourse that allowed for a sensible airing of the differences between the two parties. There is no reason why that same sense of decency cannot prevail during the next legislative session.

What should not be forgotten in a Walz-Flanagan administration is the necessity of governing from the middle. Most Minnesotans tend to mix progressive values on the social issues with financial prudence and they expect pragmatic leadership from the Governor’s office. Every issue discussed in this campaign is doable from expansion of affordable health care to quality educational opportunity for all. Leadership is the difference. Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan are the best suited.

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