Monday, June 11, 2018

Letter to the Editor - Star Tribune - On the US Bank Stadium

Some two weeks ago, I sent the below letter to the Editor to Star Tribune.  Since it was not published, I am putting it into the public realm for discussion.

To the Editor,
The Star Tribune (May 30) carried a front-page feature on the financial success of the Super Bowl and the US Bank Stadium. Since the inception of the stadium project, the paper has failed to adequately disclose the enormous financial costs imposed on an overtaxed public and the stunning lack of funding from Zygi Wilf, the wealthy owner of the Vikings. Instead of knowing the details of the finances, the public has been treated to misinformation, secrecy, and the promotion of self-interests. But the bottom line is that the public is paying the bill and it is well over $1 billion.
 Since the Star Tribune is directly involved in the ownership of three professional sports teams that depend on public subsidies and since the stadium project commenced with the purchase of  Star Tribune land, it is incumbent upon the paper to hold itself to the same standards of disclosure that it publicly imposes on others.  Further, it is the responsibility of our elected officials to pass “Sunshine Laws” that guarantee the public’s right to know.

Respectfully submitted,
Arne H. Carlson
Governor of Minnesota 1991 -1999


  1. Freedom of the speech and print for the owners...

  2. The one aspect of financing never mentioned is the owners “contribution “ was only because the stadium was built. They made their contribution from future earnings that were only possible because of the new facility with real cash from taxpayers. Sad but across the country the stories are different versions of the same.

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